Victor Dorobantu

The second announced guest of ANIVENTURE COMIC CON is an important part of the most current series at the moment.

Under the direction of the great Tim Burton, “Wednesday” is the series that managed to surpass the previous record of “Stranger Things” and took first place in the most popular English-language series with an incredible 341.2 million hours of viewership after its first premiere week in November. The closest friend of protagonist Wendy (Jenna Ortega), daughter of Morticia and Gomez Adams, is the iconic hand known as “The Thing.” To the surprise of all fans, it is not an animated creation or a computer generated image.

Romanian magician Victor Dorobantu is actually behind the image of the hand. He often spends hours preparing and adjusting to all sorts of positions on set – upside down, under the floor, even hidden in the walls, and for the scenes themselves he wears a special blue suit that helps the team process the image later. The attractive process of creating the image of “The Thing” has become a mini sensation on the internet, and Victor Dorobantu’s meeting with fans will undoubtedly be an intriguing part of the festival.

Victor will be with us on 08.07.2023 (Saturday).