Tine Marie Riis


Tine Marie has been cosplaying for 8 years, since 2009. She’s always been into games and anime, and found her love for Cosplay during a visit at Anime Expo in 2009. Since then she’s been cosplaying her favorite characters from either her childhood to current games/anime. She turned her hobby into a business in 2014 and has been a professional cosplayer since then. Her many costumes and over 380 thousand followers on her Facebook page speak for themselv.


In Norway, she teaches cosplay classes at Folk School's, where she teaches students how to make their own cosplay pieces. Museums have also taken an interest of cosplay in Norway, and she’s held a great number of workshops there, and introduced cosplay to a new audience. She even starred in a Telecommunication commercial in cosplay for Telenor. She also became a representative of eSports Norway in 2013.


Tine Marie keeps cosplaying characters that are of special significance to her, and loves meeting people with same interest.
Tine Marie Riis has won rewards like: Spillexpo's Cosplay contest 1st place, The Gathering 1st place, Dreamhack Cosplay Championship 3rd place, Blizzard's Dreamhack Award 3rd place, Komplett Cosplay Contest 2nd place, Spillexpo 2016 Award 3rd place And several best prop awards.


"I am super excited to meet all of you! This will be my first time EVER in Bulgaria so let's create awesome memories together! See you all soon!" - Tine Marie Riis

You can find out more about her at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CosplayerTineMarieRiis/
Website: http://tinemarie.com


Photographers: Katla Photo, Katrix Media, Pugoffka