Germia is arriving from the Czech Republic, to be a cosplay guest at Aniventure Comic Con 2017!

With her incredible costume making skills she has won the elite competition Euro Cosplay 2016. She has represented the Czech Republic at Cosplay World Masters and has won many competitions such as Road to Blizzcon, Dreamhack, IEM Katowice Magic International as well as many more. She likes to present strong female characters, mainly from computer games, and she highlights on the quality and creativity when creating them. The Detail and the work put in precise craftsmanship have brought her more than 50000 followers in Facebook, though that is not her only hobby.

She is also a semi-professional gamer and streamer! She has participated with her all female team in many competitions, where they have won titles. She works with gaming firms like DXracer Europe!

During Aniventure Comic Con 2017 Germia will be part of the international cosplay jury, she will have her own panel on the main stage where she can tell us more about herself, her costumes and her experience and she will have a booth where you can meet her and get her autograph!

More info about Germia can be found at: