Calypsen cosplay


Calypsen cosplay will join Aniventure Comic Con 2017! She is a cosplayer from Poland and has started doing this hobby three years ago. In such a short time however she has managed to show amazing costume making skills, gather 50 000 followers in Facebook and work with game companies such as CENEGA, as well as make costumes for them. She loves making armour sets from different fantasy and sci-fi settings like Nova form Star Craft, Diana from League of Legends and Mercy form Overwatch. She loves making her costumes by hand and tries to popularize this amongst other cosplayers as well as fans. It should not surprise you to know that she is a often invited guest at conventions as well as a winner in many competitions.


During Aniventure Comic Con 2017 Calypsen cosplay will be part of the international cosplay jury, will hold her own panel on the main stage where she will tell us about herself, her costumes and her experience and have a booth where everyone will be able to go meet her and get her autograph!


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