Talents Alley

The Talents alley is a place in Aniventure Comic con where every artist can present his work and the visitors can meet the authors. Young artist can make themselves known to the audience and for that there is only one condition – they must display only their original artworks (objects of mass production from ebay, amazon, or other similar site are not allowed), which have some connection with anime, manga or Asia in general.

Any artist can register for participation in the Alley! Participants will have to pay a 50 euro fee and will receive one general entry ticket and one table sized at 80x80 cm.

**Aniventure is not responsible for the arrangement of the stands in the Talents Alley and can’t be held responsible for lost or stolen items or products. All participants have to attend to their stand themselves.


Anyone who wants to take part in the Talents Alley can send a letter by 04.08.2019 to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , filling in this form.

The available places this year are limited and only 15 participants will be chosen between all candidates! Because of this please send pictures of your works, so we can see what you will present on your stand. It is enough to send only one picture of each item, which you will craft.

Up to 7 days after the deadline the participants will be contacted to be informed if they are accepted or not.