Dear K-pop groups, this year Aniventure Comic Con is inviting you again to show the audiance what you are capable of! The participation is not as contest, but rather a huge dance show, which will make everyone jump up and dance with you. K-pop dances are getting more and more popular among Bulgarian fans and the show last year was in front of a full hall. We will be waiting for you again, so we can make everyone stand up and shout!


To be allowed to participate there are few simple requirements. This is what you need to do in order to participate in the K-pop Show of Aniventure Comic Con 2019:


1. The time of the song/mix must not exceed 5 minutes.


2. A group must have a minimum of 2 members ( no solo performances allowed ) and there is no maximum limit. But we advise that a group should not have more than 15 members. One person can participate in no more than 2 groups. One group can register for only one dance with its original members.


3. It is recommended that all groups prepare special outfits for their performance.


4. The multimedia for your stage performance should either be MP3 format with parameters 44 kHz/192 kbps as minimum and jpg image, or MP4 file minimal resolution 1024x768. It should be sent by 01.09.2019. Any technical requirements for lights and others should also be sent no later that 01.09.2019



5. The dance should have at least 70% kpop. It is allowed to mix with other styles, but they should not be more than 30% of the duration of the song.


6. In order to register a group representative should send until 01.09.2019. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following information:
- Two names of each participant;
- Link to the Facebook profile of the group representative;
- Multimedia for the performance;
- Video recording of the dance* – should be sent as a PRIVATE link in Youtube, that is not visible unless you have the specific link

*It is preferable to send your participation form before the deadline, and after that it is possible to send additionally the video recording of the dance. All members of the group should be present in the video of the dance. The record should be without cuts and editing – a performance without interruptions. There is no restriction for the quality of the video or where the record is done, the only necessary thing is that all participants are visible and the music is loud enough to hear. There are also no special requirements on how you can be dressed when doing the video record ( if you are planning special performance costumes you do not need to wear them for the video ). The camera should be placed in the centre in front of the group when recording. Please note we also expect the video to emanate feelings. Facial expressions and the feeling the dance gives out are important factors when selecting which groups to allow to participate.


7. The groups will be informed up to 5 days after 01.9.2019 if they accepted to participate in the event. The only actual restriction for taking part is the time for K-pop show in the program of Aniventure Comic Con. If the total time of all groups that have registered exceeds the time of the show – only the best groups will be selected to participate.


8. The K-pop show will be held on the second day of the festival – Sunday. All participants from a group will receive a free two day pass. 


9. NAKAMA keeps the right to change these rules without announcement. They are published on the site of the event and each participant is obligated to read them. Registering for participation in the K-pop dances of Aniventure Comic Con 2019 is a written agreement with the rules.


10. By registering for participation in the K-pop dances of Aniventure Comic Con 2019 the group is agreeing to be recorded and photographed and those materials can be used by NAKAMA for advertisement purposes.

11. Duplicating songs will not be allowed. If there are two groups that have chosen the same song - maximum one of the two will be selected to perform. Exception is if it is in a mix and less than 30 seconds.

Regarding any questions do not hesitate to write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .