Giulietta Zawadzki


Although she has been on the cosplay scene for only a year, Giulietta Zawadzki has already made a name for herself with her unbelievable costumes and over 70 thousand followers on Facebook.


Seeing the detailed work of her costumes, it would be no surprise to say that Giulietta has studied in a couple of schools and colleges for Fine arts and has already participated in a number of various exhibitions. In support for her talent, she’s inspired mostly by video games, considering their stories and design to be the biggest challenge to reality, allowing her to spread her creativity to the maximum.


Giulietta participates in a number of charity events, among which is the Comic Con segment, dedicated to people with disabilities as well as crowd funding for research for fight against Cancer.


She was also a representative for the official Warhammer 40k Eternal Crude Game launch in London with her Emperor of Mankind costume in front of companies like Amazon and Tesco. She’s been a part of the game testing, for which a number of professional players had visited from all over the world.


This year Giulietta will fly in from the UK, to be a part of the international jury for the two Aniventure cosplay contests. She will also have a stand for prints and autographs is where you can personally meet her!