Festival Rules

In order for all visitors to have a great time at Aniventure 2014, the following rules apply during the two days of the festival:


1. It is strictly forbidden to bring or use alcohol, smoke and eat on the territory of the festival.


2. It is forbidden to hand out fliers, marketing materials, questionnaires and other materials without the consent of the organizers.


3. Lost items will be brought to the information desk and will be kept for up to one month after the festival, if not retrieved during Aniventure. The festival holds no responsibility for items not retrieved after one month.


4. The bracelets you will receive upon entering the festival are your tickets. Wear them at all times and do not try to remove them or give them to another person, because they will tear and become invalid. With a valid bracelet you can enter and exit the festival as many times you want. They are waterproof so there will be no problem to get them wet.


5. It is forbidden to bring real weapons or huge cosplay weapons which may harm the visitors of the festival. If a weapon is deemed dangerous it will be taken by security and kept until you leave the festival.


6. Please keep quiet during the AMV screening, lectures, cosplay show and demonstrations. In this way you will be able to fully appreciate and experience the program of the festival. All persons causing too much noise and disturbing other visitors will be asked to leave the hall.


7. It is forbidden to sell materials that are rated for audience of 18+ at the exhibition stalls of Aniventure. If a vendor wishes to sell such materials, they must be properly marked and packaged in non see thought packaging.


8. It is forbidden to take materials form the workshops, fun corner, gaiming hall, art exhibitions and other events, unless you are allowed by the organizers or have bought the respective item.


9. If an item from the festival inventory or venue halls is broken, lost or stolen it will be paid in full by the person at fault.


10.  The festival will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items left unsupervised: luggage, exhibitors merchandise, personal items and etc., that are not part of the festival and venue inventory.


11. The security, volunteer team and organizers of the festival have the right to prohibit you from entering Aniventure or ask you to leave for any of the following reasons:


- if you are under the influance of alchohol or narcotics


- atempt to try and bring in alchohol, drugs and any other ilegal materials


- missing valid bracelet


- causing ruccus in the halls and obstructing other visitors for enjoying the festival or obstructing events from being held


- attempt to steal items form the festival and venue hall


14. It is forbiden to perform plays and other types of shows without the concent of the organizers.


15. Visitors are not allowed to take photos and video materials from the dressing rooms, back stage and other private areas of the festival.