Gaming is a big part of Aniventure. Traditionally held in a hall of its own - the gaming zone offers entertainment for visitors, amateurs and pro-gamers throughout. There you will find your favorite fighting games for Play Station - tournaments with attractive prizes in Tekken 5 , Street Fighter IV, Mortal Combat 9 and more, the most interesting of which are held on the big screen in front of the entire audience! PC gamers can take part in tournaments like Star Craft 2 , League of Legends and Dota 2 with commentators narrating the most interesting of the fights. And somewhere between the new computers and consoles visitors can smell a whip of nostalgia leading to the retro gaming corner, where iconic 8 and 16 bit TV games like Duck Hunt, Super Mario, Tank 90, Street Fighter II Turbo and Ultimate Mortal Combat 3 will be available for free play by anyone who wants to remember their childhood.


Expect specific information about the tournaments that will be held during Aniventure 2014.