The word Cosplay comes from Costume and Play - the art of impersonating a character from an anime, manga, tv series, movies or games and making your own costume. People work on creating their costumes and accessories on their own or with the help of sewers and try to look and behave as closely as possible to the character they have chosen to impersonate.


During the Aniventure Cosplay Show you will have a chance to see a mixture between acting, expertly crafted costumes and a wide variety of characters. Each participant presents his costume on stage with a short performance he has come up with himself. The most enthusiastic of them gather in groups and perform short plays they have written themselves! During Aniventure 2013 the audience was captivated by the largest number of participants on the Bulgarian stage - 80 amazing characters!


The participants compete for prizes, the most prestigious of which is to take part in the international competition Eurocosplay! Eurocosplay is held once a year in London and the winner is sent as a representative of Bulgaria and Aniventure. The audience will be able choose their favorite contestants and give award in the categories "Best costume", "Best look-a-like" and "Best of show".


After the show everyone will have a chance to take photos with the cosplayers and make an amazing memory form the most colorful show at Aniventure!