These are the rules for participating in the most spectacular show at Aniventure – the cosplay contest!


General rules


1. Only costumes that have not been presented at other events are allowed at Aniventure 2014.

2. It is strictly forbidden to take photos in the dressing room without authorization from the organizers.

3. The costume can be from any anime, manga, or Japanese video game, as well as of a specific character from non-Japanese movies, animations, comics, and video games.

4. Every cosplayer will have a limited amount of time on the stage*, no more than 2 minutes. The participants will be introduced by the event hosts.

*The review will consist of two parts – one will be cosplayers without stage performance, the other will be cosplayers with stage performance.

- All cosplayers that have not prepared a stage performance will be coming out on stage in fashion show style, while a song selected by the organizers is playing in the background. Everyone will have about 30-45 seconds on stage.

- Cosplayers that have prepared a stage performance will have up to 2 minutes on stage (1:30 minutes recommended). This will be the second part of the review.

5. All cosplayers will undergo preliminary judging based on the look and complexity of the costume and the cosplayer’s stage performance.

6. Cosplayers with very simple costumes (e.g. jeans, shirt and a pair of ears) will not be allowed to participate in the cosplay review.

7. Every participant in the cosplay contest will be given a personal 2-day pass for Aniventure 2014. If you require an assistant, you have to buy them a regular ticket for the event.

8. Cosplayers that have not been allowed to participate in the contest are free to cosplay at the event, but they have to buy a regular ticket.

9. No pyrotechnics or sharp blades of any sort are allowed on stage.

10. Throwing any objects at the audience (e.g. shurikens, balls, arrows etc.) is strictly forbidden.

11. Club Nakama reserves the right not to allow a participant or a group of participants go on the stage, if it considers it dangerous for the audience and their health.


12. It is forbidden to show your costume on saturday or on sunday before the show. The first time the costume is shown to the public has to be on stage.

13. To enter the contest you need to fill out a form and send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The form can be found at the end of this page.

14. Club Nakama reserves the right to change these rules without any notice. The rules will always be published on the event’s website and every participant must be familiar with them.

15. By entering the cosplay contest, you are agreeing to comply with the rules.

16. By entering the cosplay contest, you are agreeing to be recorded on video and photographed and you are allowing club Nakama to use those recordings and photographs for advertising purposes.







1. The deadline for entering the Aniventure 2014 cosplay contest is August 26, 2014.

2. All participants must send a photo of themselves in the final costume with all props no later than August 26. It is recommended to enter the contest earlier than that – you can send your photo later when your costume is completed.

3. The deadline for submitting a group screenplay is August 10, 2014.

4. An audition for all groups will be held on August 17, 2014.

5. All groups from Sofia must come to the audition.

6. Groups that are not from Sofia must send a recording of their performance with no editing whatsoever.

7. All members of a group must come to the audition.

8. All members of the groups that have not been allowed on stage can still participate in the cosplay review.

9. During the audition the groups will be judged based on the originality of the screenplay, the organization of the group, and the quality of the stage performance.

10. Due to limited time, no more than 5 groups will be allowed on the stage of Aniventure 2014. This number could change according to the time required by every group (e.g. if there are several groups that require less time, more groups could be allowed on stage). Every group is allowed no more than 10 minutes on stage.

11. All groups will receive information about the results from the audition no later than August 20, 2014.

12. Every group that consists of more than 10 people must contact club Nakama to discuss the audio technical details.







1. At Aniventure 2014, awards will be given in the following categories:

- Best Costume – an award for the costume that has the best resemblance to the original costume. What is taken into account here is only how complex and well crafted the costume is, the look of the cosplayer is not.
- Best Resemblance to the Original – an award for best resemblance to the original character. The costume, the look of the cosplayer, and their stage performance are all taken into account here.
- Best of Show – an award for the most charismatic cosplayer that has become the audience and jury’s favorite.
- Best Scene – an award for the best group at Aniventure. Taken into account are the quality of the screenplay and how well coordinated and executed the scene was.
- Best Prop – an award for the best hand-made costume, weapon or accessory. Taken into account are the complexity, detail, creativity, efficiency, and scale of the work. Only props made personally by the cosplayer will be considered.

- Junior cosplayer - an award for the best costume created by a participant under 18 years of age.
- Participation in Eurocosplay award (see p. 5).

2. In the Best Costume, Best Resemblance to the Original, and Best of Show categories separate awards will be given by the jury and the audience.

3. In the Best Scene category the awards are honorary diplomas given by the jury.

4. The Best Prop award will be given by a special jury of experienced cosplayers and crafters.
5. One of the participants in the cosplay review will be selected to be the second representative of Bulgaria at Eurocosplay 2014 (during MCM Comic-Con London). For more details about Eurocosplay and the participation rules, see here.



Cosplay Contest Form


1. Full name
2. Age
3. Facebook contact (a link to your profile)
4. Phone number
5. City of residence
6. The name of the anime/manga/game/movie your cosplay is from
7. The name of the character you are going to cosplay
8. An image of the character you are going to cosplay. The image must be at least 1280x1024px and your character must be the only one in the image or very easily recognizable.
9. An .mp3 file with the music you want to play in the background when you appear on stage. Other formats or links to websites like YouTube will not be accepted. Direct download links to the .mp3 file are accepted. A high quality audio file is required: 256 kbps and 44.1 kHz or better.
10. Are you going to be in a scene with other cosplayers (Yes/No)?
11. Do you want to be included in the Eurocosplay competition (Yes/No)?
You can send questions and/or your filled form at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.